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To the east of Tianjin is the Bohai Sea and not far to the west is Beijing. It covers an area of 11,300 square kilometers and there are 13 districts and five counties under its jurisdiction. The total population is 9.52 million.Tianjin is o­ne of the four municipal cities under the jurisdiction of the Chinese central government and is the largest industrial and port in north China.Tianjin became a city centered o­n trade with docks and land transportation and important coastal defenses during the Ming and Qing dynasties. After the end of the Second Opium War in 1860, Tianjin became a trading port and nine countries, o­ne after the other, established concessions in the city. Historical changes in past 600 years have made Tianjin an unique city with a mixture of ancient and modem in both Chinese and Western styles. After China implemented its reforms and open policies, Tianjin became o­ne of the first

Tips: Tianjin consumer complaint hotline: 022-12315 Tianjin Tourism Bureau Tel: 022-8359093 Tianjin Quality Supervision Bureau Tel: 022-12365 Tianjin Trade and Industry, Tel: 022-12315 Tianjin P..

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CHINA HOTEL Tourist Attractions

  • Taoyuan Cave

    Taoyuan Cave

    Located in 9 kilometers from Yantan

  • Fujian Tulou

    Fujian Tulou

    Brief IntroductionFujian Tulou, mostly built between the 12th to the 20th centuries, is a unique kind of rammed earth building of the Hakka and other people in the mountainous areas in sou..

  • Site of Gutian Conference

    Site of Gutian Conference

    The Site of Gutian Conference is at the foot of Bijia Mountain, Caimeiling, Gutian Village in Shanghang County of Fujian Province. The Site of Gutian Conference was originally Liaojia Ance..

  • Mandarin Duck Brook

    Mandarin Duck Brook

    Mandarin duck brookeach fall by hundreds of thousands of Yuanyang coming here from the north named after the winter, which has developed mainly in the scenic spots and scenic areas are adv..

  • The Residence of Shangshu(Ming's Folk Houses)

    The Residence of Shangshu(Ming's Folk Houses)

    The Taining Shangshu Residence is located in Futang Alley of Shengli 2nd Street in Taining County, Fujian Province.

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