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     The name Ma'anshan means "Horse Saddle Mountain" in Chinese. According to legend, the name came to be when the Western Chu hegemon Xiang Yu was fleeing from the Battle of Gaixia. Rather than be captured, the defeated general killed himself at the area now known as Ma'anshan after ensuring that his beloved horse would be ferried across the river to safety. Upon seeing his master die, the grief-stricken horse leapt into the river and was drowned. As a tribute, the boatman buried the horse's saddle o­n a nearby hill, giving Ma'anshan its name.     Ma’anshan,a city of Anhui Province, is a green industrial city founded and developed with the progression of P.R. of China. It is located o­n the south bank of the lower reach of Yangtze River and belongs to the upper portion of Yangtze Delta Region. Being the link of Eastern China and Western China, ..

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Jiu'anshan Tourist Attractions

  • Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot

    Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot

    Introduction:Caishiji also named Niuzhuji, is located at the head of the “Yangtze River sanji”. It starts from Suoxi river in the east and reach the Da river in the west, with the are..

  • Cuiluo mountain

    Cuiluo mountain

    Introduction:Cuiluo mountain also named Niuzhu mountain and Caishi mountain. And it was called Cuiluo mountain after Ming and Qing dynasty. The formation of Cuiluo mountain can trace back ..

  • Green hill Li Bai Memorial Park

    Green hill Li Bai Memorial Park

    Introduction:Green hill Li Bai memorial park is located at the foot of green hill at the southeast of the city. Qing hill also named Qinglin hill. It is said that the poet of Nanqi Xieti..

  • Santai Pavilion

    Santai Pavilion

    Introduction:Santai pavilion has a long history, and was firstly built in Chongzhen years of Ming dynasty . Then it was destroyed in the war and rebuilt at 20th century. The building is 3..

  • Taibai building

    Taibai building

    Introduction:Taibai building is located in the Gu town which is o­ne kilometer away from Caishiji. And the building is facing the Yangtze River and backing the Cuiluo mountain. Taibai ..

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