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MT. Emei is about 160 kilometers southwest of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It extends for over a hundred kilometers and resembles the fine eyebrow of an ancient Chinese beauty from afar. There are ten beautiful scenic spots o­n Emei. The sun, moon, clouds, snow, water, trees, bridges and temples in these places all compose their own unique and fantastic pictures. The more fortunate visitors can enjoy the four great wonders of Mt. Emei, which are the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the Buddha's Halo, and the sacred lamp, from the Jinding (Golden Summit), about 3,077 meters above sea level. Mt. Emei boasts unique natural and cultural charms, such as the Wannian Temple, which has been designated a state-level protected site by the State Council. o­n December 6, 1996, Mt. Emei was included in UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Geological processes going back over hundreds of millions of years have creat..

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Emeishan Tourist Attractions Maps

Emeishan Tourist Attractions

  • Baoguo Temple

    Baoguo Temple

    Introduction The Baoguo Temple is the first temple o­ne meets along the mountain way and stresses love and patriotism. Baoguo Temple sits at the foot of the mountain at the entrance a..

  • Qingyin Pavilion

    Qingyin Pavilion

    Introduction Qingyin Pavilion is in the middle part of Mt. Emei. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole area of the pavilion is a fine picture with green hills and blue water. Named..

  • Wannian Temple

    Wannian Temple

    Introduction Wannian temple is o­ne of eight important temples in Emei mountain, it is about 15 km from Baoguo temple. The Temple of Samantabhadra as it was known beforethe Ming Dynas..

  • Fuhu temple

    Fuhu temple

    Introduction At the foot of Fohu Hill, Fohu Temple is located o­ne kilometer west of Baoguo Temple and is o­ne of the largest in themountain area. It was rebuilt in 1651, the ei..

  • Golden Summit

    Golden Summit

    Introduction The highest part of Emei Shan is the 3077-m-high Golden Summit, also called Qianfo Ding, Thousand Buddha Peak. It is about a two-hour's walk from Elephant Pool and is s..

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Hotels in Popular Sichuan

  • Hongzhushan Hotel

    Hongzhushan Hotel

    Five-star Emeishan Foot of the Mountain Price:-

    Emeishan's Hongzhushan Hotel (Emeishan Hongzhushan Binguan) is located at the foot of Emei Mountain, just 200 meters from Baoguo Temple and 500 meters from rich forests and surrounded by..

  • Emeishan Yue Bin Hotel

    Emeishan Yue Bin Hotel

    Two-star or Less Emeishan Price:-

    The elegant hotel coffee shop environment, provide a wide range of drinks. ---

  • Qingxiu Hotel

    Qingxiu Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Emeishan Price:-

    The elegant hotel coffee shop environment, provide a wide range of drinks. ---

  • Jiataimei Hotel

    Jiataimei Hotel

    Three-star Emeishan Emei Mountain Price:-

    The Jiataimei Hotel (Jiataimei Dajiudian) is located on the east section of Mingshan Road in central Emeishan.This Emeishan hotel offers budget rooms complete with all the standard ameniti..

  • Yue to Brigade Hotel

    Yue to Brigade Hotel

    Two-star or Less Emeishan Price:-

    The elegant hotel coffee shop environment, provide a wide range of drinks. ---

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