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Introduction:Yan'an, is a city in the Shanbei region of Shaanxi province in China.Yan'an was the endpoint of the Long March, and the center of the Chinese communist revolution from 1935 to 1..

Districts: Xian Baoji Xianyang Hancheng Yanan Ankang Binxian Hanzhong Huashan Huayin Jingbian Yulin

Attractions: Site of the Former Offices of the CCP Central Committee - Yangjialing Pagoda Hill Nanniwan Qingliang Mountain Hukou Waterfall Date Garden-site of the CCP Secretariat Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Shredded Cakes in Mutton and Beef Soup Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor Chinese Hamburger

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Yan'an, is a city in the Shanbei region of Shaanxi province in China.
Yan'an was the endpoint of the Long March, and the center of the Chinese communist revolution from 1935 to 1948. Chinese communists celebrate Yan'an as the birthplace of the revolution.
Yan'an is currently a Prefecture-level city administering several counties, including Zhidan, formerly Bao'an, which served as the Chinese communist capital before the city of Yan'an proper took that role.
Like Mao's birthplace of Shao Shan, Yan'an was a place of pilgrimage during the 1960s, and today is a major point for Chinese making Red Tours, or visiting revolutionary sites. The appeal of this part of Shannxi is its very austerity -- the cave dwellings, the dry terraced hills, and the yellow loess that covers it all. The "revolutionary sites" that have become such a part of the founding myth of the PRC will also draw anyone with an interest in modern Chinese history.

Yanan Traffic

Yan'an, lying in the hinterland of the Loess Plateau, used to be an especially poor city in the eyes of many people, because it used to be a revolutionary base in the rural areas of northwest China before Liberation. The city's communications with the outside world were undeveloped and inconvenient.

However, today's Yan'an has benefited greatly from the country's Western Development Drive Program and it is no longer a city with a stunted economic condition and poor transportation. The immense progress Yan'an has made in transportation infrastructure construction provides a satisfactory traffic network in and around the city, to a large extent facilitating the local people, merchants and also tourists.

Now, from major tourist cities such as Beijing and Xian, you can easily travel to Yan'an by air, train, or long-distance bus. Yan'an Ershili Pu Airport has two daily flights leaving for Beijing and Xian. A well-connected railway system enables tourists from Beijing, Xian and several cities within Shaanxi Province to enjoy convenient rail transportation. In addition, due to the construction of many highways and freeways, there is plenty of choice of long-distance buses shuttling between Yan'an and various cities.

The traffic condition inside the city is considered passable and economical in general. Most tourist attractions in the urban area of Yan'an are situated near each other and can easily be reached by city buses. Yan'an Taxies are inexpensive and convenient. In addition, the comparatively distant attractions of Hukou Waterfalls and Huangdi Mausoleum can be reached by tourist bus or a hired car.

Taxi: the basic charge is 5 RMB, and adding 2.1RMB/Km over 2.1 Kms.

Yanan Festivals

Xian Ancient Culture Art Festival
Date: September (lasting for 7 days)
Place: Xian, Shaanxi Province
Activities: Xian, as o­ne of the four ancient civilization capitals in the world is a city full of unique cultural expressions. Xian Ancient Culture Art Festival is a large event to publicize the customs of Xian to the world people.
Rich and colorful activities are held during the festival. In the street, local dances such as Yangger are performed and the drum and gong are sounded thunderously to accompany the lion dances. Besides, large scale singing and dancing performances are held by famous players. The colorful history of Xian is displayed fully through the actors' outstanding performances. In the evenings, grand palace fireworks are displayed, making the sky sparkle with different colors to dazzle the visitors' eyes. The City Wall is full of activities during the evenings o­n which cockfights like in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) and martial arts can be admired.
Visitors can also taste the delicious Xian local snacks and buy its traditional arts and crafts works like Paper Cuttings, Tricolor Glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, replica of the Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses figurines and so o­n.

Yanan Service Telephones

Yan'an City taxi complaints Tel :0911-2494344
Yan'an Airport Tel:0977-2111111 ,0911-2113854
Yan'an railway station Tel:0911-2496976 ,0911-2496571
Yan'an railway station booking Tel:0911-2122045
Long-distance bus terminal Tel:0911-2112531 ,0911-2112534 ,0911-2113350
Yan'an City Bus company complaint Tel:0911-24977000
Yan'an City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0911-2122742
Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision Tel:029-5261437
China National Tourism Administration complaints Tel:010-65275315

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