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Introduction:Xianyang city is nestled in the central area of Kuan-chung plain, acclaimed as a fertile land in China, To the east it neighbors o­n Xi'an city, the capital of Shaanxi province..

Districts: Xian Baoji Xianyang Hancheng Yanan Ankang Binxian Hanzhong Huashan Huayin Jingbian Yulin

Attractions: Xi'an Hua Mountain,Hua Shan Qingliang Mountain Shaanxi History Museum Lishan Mountain Forest Park Banpo Neolithic Village Museum Huanggui Persimmon Cake Lishan Mountain Cuihua Mountains Pagoda Hill Muslim Steet Xian

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Xianyang Introduction

Xianyang city is nestled in the central area of Kuan-chung plain, acclaimed as a fertile land in China, To the east it neighbors o­n Xi'an city, the capital of Shaanxi province .To the west, it adjoins the Yangling Agricultural High-Tech industries Demonstration Zone. To the north it leans o­n Jiuzong Mountain, and to the South it faces Qinling Mountain. Jinghe River and Weishui River flow across this area.Xianyang city has two districts, o­ne city and ten counties under its Jurisdiction. It covers an area of 10, 196 square Kilometers with a total population of 4, 83 million.

Xianyang is a special place boasting a rich culture of thousands of years, It is the very place where the first Chinese feudal empire, Qin Empire, set its capital (221BC), Xianyang had also served as a capital for thirteen dynasties including Zhou, Han and Tang Empire, Now in Xianyang there are 4951 culture sites, 85 of which are ranked as national and provincial key culture relics under protection, The 27 Imperial Mausoleums and Tombs (very much resembling a pyramid) in particular, are the places where 28 mighty emperors of Han and Tang Dynasty rest. A number of imperial tombs now have become well-known tourist attractions, including the Yanglin tomb for Emperor Liuqi in han Dynasty; Maolin tomb for Emperor liuche in Han Dynasty; Zhaolin tomb for Emperor Li Shimin in Tang Dynasty; and Qianlin tomb for the o­nly Chinese Empress Wu Zetian and her husband Emperor Lizhi, Without Shaanxi, the history of China will lose its fineness; without Xianyang, Han and Tang Dynasty shall lose their charm.

Xianyang is an important agricultural base in West China; rich in grain, fruits, livestock and vegetables, It is said that the legendary initiator of Chinese agriculture Hou Ji taught people how to carry out farm work here, Xianyang is a large-scale commodity grain base in North West China; it is the largest domestic high-quality apple production site, and is the biggest milk and vegetable supplier area in Shaanxi province, The area designated for apple production covers 13.2 hectares and the annual production reaches 2.2 million tons, accounting for 4% of Shaanxi apple production and 8% of national apple production.

Xianyang Traffic

As a central city in China, Xianyang enjoys many geographical advantages with convenient transportation conditions, lt used to be the first stop along the Silk Road, Now as the forefront for the Development of West Region in China, Xianyang takes a key position o­n the Eurasia Land Bridge , It has a road transportation network consisting in the Longhai Railway, Xibao Railway, No, 312 National Highway and expressways, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, located in the Xianyan Beiyuan district, and nine kilometers from the downtown area, is the largest airport in Northwest China with state-of-the –art facilities, and is listed as o­ne of the six major domestic aviation centers, The Passenger traffic in Xianyang International Airport reaches seven million each year and the mail throughout is around 150.000 ton annually, Xianyang becomes an express channel to link up the world.

Taxi: The basic charge is 3 RMB.

Xianyang Festivals

The Laba Festival falls o­n the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. This holiday may be traced back to the ancient Chinese custom of sacrificing game to the ancestors during the last month of the lunar year. Following the ritual, the participants feasted together o­n the sacrificial meat in an early expression of the Chinese tradition of communal eating. The Laba Festival is popularly referred to as Laji Festival (End-of-Year Sacrifice Festival), another indication of its ancient origins and association with early sacrificial rituals. It is also said that Sakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment o­n the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. As a result, with the introduction of Buddhism to China, the Laba Festival also became known as the Day of Enlightenment.

Laba Festival falls during the depths of winter, when all kinds of food can be easily stored in Nature's cooler. The harvest is in, and people can turn their attention to preparing and enjoying a wide array of delicious dishes. In addition to Laba porridge, many different types of pickled vegetables and special dishes are popular during Laba Festival, including garlic pickled in vinegar and pickled Chinese cabbage. In northern Shaanxi Province, it is obligatory to eat Laba noodle soup, made with eight different shredded ingredients. In the Tongguan-Lintong region of Shaanxi Province, Laba noodle soup is made with hot chili peppers. Hot Laba wine is popular all over China during Laba Festival.

Xianyang Service Telephones

Shannxi Tourism Bureau Complaint Tel: 029-85261437

Nationsl Tourism Bureau Complaint Tel: 010-65275315

Xianyang International Airport: 029-8708000

Xianyang International Airport Enquiry: 029-88708600,029-88708450

Xianyang Railway Station Enquiry: 029-3213528

Xianyang Railway Station  Ticket Office: 029-3574444

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  • Haiyi Business Hotel

    Haiyi Business Hotel

    Two-star or Less Xianyang Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Lifeking Hotel

    Lifeking Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Xianyang Qindu Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Hongluo Harbor Holiday Hotel

    Hongluo Harbor Holiday Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Xianyang Qindu Price:-

    Situated in Xianyang's Qindu District, the Hongluo Harbor Holiday Hotel (Hongluo Jiari Jiudian) is conveniently situated for access to local shopping areas, and about 2 km from the Xiba..

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