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Introduction:Located in the west of Henan Province in central China, Luoyang occupies quite an important geographic location. It is in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and is encircled by mounta..

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Luoyang Introduction

Located in the west of Henan Province in central China, Luoyang occupies quite an important geographic location. It is in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and is encircled by mountains and plains. To its east and west are the Hu Lao Pass and Han Gu Pass which were essential domestic transportation junctions in ancient times. To its north, Mengjin County was an important ferry crossing of the Yellow River. Thus, Luoyang was selected as the capital city by 13 dynasties starting from the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century BC) in the 21st century BC. In the period following the Han Dynasty (206BC-220), and particularly during the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) dynasties, the city experienced a period of growth and prosperity and ranked as o­ne of the international metropolitans of the time.
Its long history endows Luoyang with a profound sense of culture. The city is the cradle of Chinese civilization where many Chinese legends happened, such as Nvwa Patching the Sky, Dayu Controlling Flood and the Chinese ancestor Huangdi Establishing the Nation. The city is also famed as the 'Poets Capital' as poets and literates of ancient China often gathered there and left grand works, including 'Book of Wisdom' ('Daode Jing'), 'Han History' ('Han Shu') and 'Administrative Theory of Admonishing Official' ('Zi Zhi Tong Jian'). Religious culture o­nce thrived here. Taoism originated there and the first Buddhist temple set up by the government was located there. Luoyang is also the hometown of many of the scientific inventions of ancient China, such as the seismograph, armillary sphere, paper making, printing and the compass.
Luoyang has rich historical and cultural sites. The Longmen Grottoes are o­ne of China's three most precious treasure houses of stone sculptures and inscriptions. The White Horse Temple is the first Buddhist temple and is honored as the 'Cradle of Buddhism in China'. Mt. Mangshan is where ancient tombs of emperors, nobles and literates in the past dynasties collected. The Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum is the world's first example of the kind and presents thousands of treasures discovered in the tombs. Shaolin Temple is the place of origin for Chinese Zen Buddhism and the cradle of Chinese Martial Art. Landscapes in Luoyang hold the same attraction as the cultural sites. White Cloud Mountain, Funiu Mountain, Long Yu Wan National Forest Park, Ji Guan Limestone Cave and the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Area are all worth a visit. Additionally, Luoyang is particularly well known for its peonies. Every year in April, the flowers blossom and attract tourists from all over the world.
Dining in Luoyang is quite an enjoyable experience. Various kinds of local dishes, including Water Feast, Yan Cai and others which use the famous Yellow River carps as an ingredient, together with the uniquely flavored soups, will greatly satisfy your taste buds. Luoyang's local specialties such as Palace Lanterns, bronze vessels and Tri-colored glazed potteries will no doubt delight your eyes and offer you ideal souvenirs. Being a modern city as well, Luoyang has hotels of all standards which provide you quite a broad choice for your stay. Most of the hotels have reasonable room prices and perfect services.
Luoyang, a charming city filled with the fragrance of peonies and the primitive atmosphere of ancient civilization, is waiting and welcoming guests from all over the world. Putting the city into the list of your exploration in China, you will get far more than what you expect.

Luoyang Traffic

By air
Located about 10 kilometers (about six miles) north of Luoyang City, Luoyang Beijiao Airport (LYA) is o­ne of the most important transportation facilities of the province. It was built in 1986 and now has China's most favorable clearance rating, which enables flights to be operated successfully o­n more than 350 days per year. It also offers special services for the disabled, seniors and children.
Because of its advanced facilities and excellent services, the airport attracts many airline agencies to operate more than 20 flights to other large cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Urumqi. Charter flights to Hong Kong and Okayama connect the city with more international cities
By train
Luoyang has two main railway stations. Luoyang Railway Station is located o­n Dao Nan Road in the northern part of the city. Luoyang East Railway Station is situated o­n the Da Tong Road in Chanhe District. Trains operating along the Longhai and Jiaozhi Railways pass these two stations, extending to many other cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Zhengzhou, Yinchuan, Lanzhou and Urumqi.
By long-distance bus
Luoyang is a junction point of many national and provincial highways. Two long-distance transit corporations operate luxury and standard buses to nearby cities in Henan Province as well as to cities in other inland provinces. Both corporations have affiliated bus stations. Luoyang Long-distance Bus Station is situated opposite the Luoyang Railway Station o­n Jin Gu Yuan Road. It is operated by the First Bus Transit Corporation and plays an important role in the city's long distance transportation.
By Public Bus
Luoyang has many public buses running across the city everyday. The buses usually start as early as 5:30 in the morning and stop at 21:00. Remember to check out the specific time of the bus you will take before you begin your travel in Luoyang. Tickets for most buses range from CNY1 to CNY1.5. Below is information about several bus routes.
By taxi
Luoyang has a large number of taxis which are more convenient and comfortable than buses. Taxis charge CNY5 for the first two kilometers (about o­ne mile), then CNY1 to CNY1.5 per kilometer afterwards. Waiting for five minutes costs an extra fee equal to the distance surcharge of o­ne kilometer (about 0.6 mile). If you want to take a taxi to suburban areas of the city, you can bargain with the driver before you get in the taxi.

Luoyang Festivals

Peony Festival Opens in Luoyang
Luoyang, China's famous city of peony in Henan Province, opened its 20th peony festival Wednesday.
The 15-day event will bring to visitors to a sea of blooming peony trees lining almost every street and corner of the city in Henan Province, central China.
According to municipal officials, Luoyang has nearly 10 million peony trees in over 700 species.
The city has over 1,000 years of history in the cultivation of peony trees, millions of which are being exported to overseas market every year.
The annual peony festival has become an important showcase for the world to know Luoyang and Henan over the years, the organizers said.
The last 19 events of the festival have attracted nearly 40 million tourists to the city, with an tourist receipt of US$916 million of overseas investment.
This year's peony festival is also accompanied by various cultural, tourism and trade activities.
The first day of the festival saw the signing of 24 economic and technological cooperation pacts, worth of 9.29 billion yuan, the organizers said.

Luoyang Service Telephones

Luoyang taxi complaints  :0379-3482133
Luoyang passenger complaints Tel :0379-63416922
Luoyang bus station telephone complaints :0379-63239453
Henan Provincial traffic bureau  Tel complaints :0371-67166681

Luoyang Hotels

  • Luoyang Grand Hotel

    Luoyang Grand Hotel

    Four-star Luoyang Jianxi Price:-

    The Luoyang Grand Hotel (Luoyang Dajiudian) is a garden style hotel located next to Luoyang's Luopu Park and a large shopping center. This Luoyang hotel has various well-equipped rooms ra..

  • Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel

    Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel

    Four-star Luoyang Jianxi Price:-

    The Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel (Luoyang Huayang Guangchang Guoji Dafandian) is located on West Kaixuan Road in Jianxi District and offers guests easy access to local shopping and entertainment a..

  • GreenTree Inn (Luoyang PeonySquare Hotel)

    GreenTree Inn (Luoyang PeonySquare Hotel)

    Three-star Luoyang Jianxi Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

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