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Introduction:Hunan province is located in the south central part of Yangtze River ,it is called Hunan because most of the areas lie in the south of the Dongting Lake. Meanwhile, it is named Xiang for..

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Hunan Introduction

Hunan province is located in the south central part of Yangtze River ,it is called Hunan because most of the areas lie in the south of the Dongting Lake. Meanwhile, it is named Xiang for short because Xiangjiang River flowing through the whole province north-south-ward. It is said that tremendous lotuses have planted in the reaches of Xiangjiang .The poet, Tanyong in Tang dynasty (618AD-907AD), o­nce described it "The autumn breeze blows the vast lotuses across the whole land". So the country of lotuses is another name of Hunan province. Human is next to Jiangxi province in the east, bounded by Sichuan and Guizhou provinces in the west, and bordering the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces in the south, adjoining the Hubei province in the north. Hunan province has numerous lakes and rivers , 5,341 of which have the length of more than five kilometers with a total length of 90,000 kilometers and 17 of which have more than 5.000 square kilometers drainage areas. The main waters, Xiang, Zi, Ruan, and Li waters and their tributaries, wind its way to the Dongting Lake from the south to the north and pass through Chenglingji to Yangtze River. Therefore, it forms an almost complete Dongting Lake system. Xiangjiang River, o­ne of the sevenths tributaries of Yangtze River, is the largest river of Hunan province. In addition, Dongting Lake is the largest lake of the Hunan has a population of 65.62million and an area of over 210.000 square kilometres. The main ethnic minorities are Miao,Yao and Tujia etc.
Hunan, a prominent base of the mineral products of China, is abundant in mineral resources. It is well-known as "the country of non-ferrous metal" and also famous for the country of non metal"
Hunan have numerous historical relics and places of interest such as Yueyang Tower, Dongting Lake, Yuelu Academy, Han Tombs of Mawangdui,Tianxin Pavilion, Orange Island, the Former Residence of Mao Zedong in Shaoshan Mountain (founder of the People's Republic China), the site of Democratic Academy,Qingshui Tang (Clearwater Pool) Revolutionary Memorial , the Site of Self-study University, the Site of the Meeting for Workers and Peasants Army In Liuyang Wenjia City. the Former Residence of Liu Shaoqi (the founder of the People's Republic of China), the Former Residence of Yang Kaihui (the wife of Mao Zedong and also the great forerunner of New Democratic Revolution), Lei Feng Memorial, Hengshan Mountain, and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park etc. Human province adopts the policy of religious freedom. Hunan people mostly believe in Buddhism .Especially in the countryside, those people worship the deities. The official language is mandarin and the characters are Chinese. The dialect of Hunan is often used in the folk exchange.

Hunan Traffic

Changsha is the center of the Hunan airlines .Changsha Huanghua International Airports have numerous airliners destined for big and medium cities both at home and abroad. Besides, Zhangjjiajie airport and Changde airport are two civil airports.
Hunan province has a well-developed railway lines. Five railways, Beijing-Guangzhou, Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Hunan-Guilin, Hunan-Guizhou, Zhizhou-Liuzhou, run through the whole province. Almost all tourist cities and districts have railways passing through.
National roads such as 106, 107, 207,209,319,320,322 etc all go through Hunan province. There are shuttle services from the tourist cities to the scenic areas.
Xiang, Zi, Ruan, and Li four waters of Hunan province are all suitable for shipping. Changsha, Hengyang, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Shaoyang, Huaihua, Changde, Yueyang cities are not o­nly the main arterial railways and roads of Hunan province but also the prominent waterways to transfer
The starting price of taxi is 5 Yuan, in some city it is 4 yuan.
Hunan cities Station Tel:
Changsha City 0731 - 2637122
Zhangjiajie City, 0744 - 2145572,2145572, 8515718
Changde City 0736 - 2568222
Jishou City, 0743 - 8253081
Huaihua City 0745 - 2733333
Yueyang City 0730 - 3241122
Yiyang City 0737 - 6100000
Zhuzhou City 0733 - 2684222
Hengyang City 0734 - 2522222
Xiangtan City 0732 - 8377837
Chenzhou City 0735 - 7527222
Loudi City, 0738 - 6522212
Shaoyang City 0739 - 2394132
Yongzhou City 0746 - 2852042

Hunan Festivals

People around the Dongting lake have four important festivals in a year: Spring festival, Dragon Boat festival, Mid-autumn Festival and Layue Festival. The Dragon Boat festivas should be regarded as the most festive festival. o­n that day, people always eat zongzi, drink xionghuang wine and hold the dragon boat race.
Firebrand festival
The firebrand festival is a traditional festival for bai ehtnic miniority in zhangjiajie which takes place o­n June 25 according to the lunar calendar. For the occasion, cattle and sheep are slain for ancestor worship. In some areas, people also worship Tuzhu (god of the earth). They invite each other to feasts and eat meat together. The Firebrand Festival usually lasts three days. The first day is designated for the family reunion, while the last two days are for wrestling, horse races, bull fighting, boating, push-and-pull games, etc. The large fire evening party is held at the end and lasts all night long.

Hunan Service Telephones

Hunan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management:
Complaints Tel: (0731) 4717614
Fax: (0731) 4720348
Address:Tuanjie Road, Wulipai, Changsha ,Hunan
Zip Code: 410001

Changsha City 0731-4760555
Zhangjiajie 0744-8360193
Huaihua City 0745-2715826
Xiangtan City 0732-8256304
Hengyang City 0734-8853373
Yueyang City 0730-8232528
Changde City 0736-7256407
Zhuzhou City 0733-8815059
Shaoyang City 0739-5362605
Yiyang City 0737-4243238
Loudi City, 0738-8313548
Chenzhou City 0735-2223441
Yongzhou City 0746-8368009
Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture 0743-8223683
Shaoshan City, 0732-5682214
Nanyue district 0734-5663315
Wulingyuan District 0744-5618331
Yongding Qu 0744-8222904
Yongshun county 0743-5222874
Zixing Shi 0735-3353602
Liuyang City 0731-3627333


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