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Introduction:Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is a modernized metropolis in south of our country and also the center of politics,economy, culture, education and transportation in the area ..

Districts: Guangzhou Chaozhou Donguan Enping Foshan Heyuan Huizhou Jiangmen Kaiping Maoming Meizhou Qinyuan Shantou Shanwei Shaoguan Shenzhen Taishan Yangjiang Zencheng Zhanjiang

Attractions: HuangPu Military School Zhenhai Tower Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall Holy Heart Cathedral Hong Panyu Wildlife World Museum of the Nanyue King of Western Han Dynasty Guangxiao Temple Baiyun Mountain Lotus Mountain Yuexiu Park

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Guangzhou Introduction

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is a modernized metropolis in south of our country and also the center of politics,economy, culture, education and transportation in the area of South China.

Guangzhou is o­ne ancient and civilized city with a history of over a thousand years. As early as the Chou Dynasty, ‘Baiyue Races’ had had multiplication in Guangzhou, which has established close contact with Chu country. Afterward, Guangzhou stands resolutely by the new posture o­n Eastern land after the experience of vicissitudes transform of Chinese history and alternation of the century.

 Guangzhou is not o­nly o­ne of historical cities in our country, the outstanding tourist city but also the famous district of overseas Chinese. Exquisite scenery and charming and gental scenery of Guangzhou root in the superior geographical environment and the climate in the south, which also causes the perennial fresh flowers, so  Guangzhou gain the nickname‘Huacheng’alone.

The famous merchandise trade fair ‘ Chinese Export Commodities Fair’ in Guangzhou, the popular name ‘the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair’, is held by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of People's Republic of China and the Guangdong Provincial government, originated in spring in 1957. The Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair attracts several thousands merchant from all over the world every year to participate, including large number of sorts such as food, livestock, chemical industries of five ores, textile clothing, the mechanical and electrical information, the healthcare, the light industry craft and so o­n. The volume of business has been becoming larger and larger year by year since the origination because of the profuse and various types of products, which are also all-embracing. Therefore, the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair has become a sigh of foreign trade history of our country.

Resources of tourist are rich in Guangzhou with the advantaged geographical environment, the historical culture of long standing, the numerous scenic spots and historic sites, which is manifesting characters and styles of the southern part of China ever and again.
Guangzhou is a famous historical city. It is handed down that at the ancient time, five immortals, wearing colorful clothing with five colors and riding immortal sheep with five colors with the mouth holding rice ear,  arrived at this place and presented the rice ear for the common people as a gift with the wish the famine pass away forever. Henceforth, Guangzhou then owns laudatory names ‘Yangchen’or ‘Suicheng’and the ‘five sheep’ also becomes a symblo of Guangzhou. According to the historical records, as early as in 214 B.C., the city wall then has been constructed with the history of 2210 years until now. Many cultural historic sites has left behind, which has vividly reflected the development in each historical stage of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Traffic

Airport: International and domestic flights lead to all corners of the world. The airport locates at the intersection point of the north Renhe Town of Baiyun District and east Xinhua Town of Huadu District of Guangzhou, 28 kilometers away from the Guangzhou center. The special airport highway is between the urban district and the airport.
At present, Guangzhou has 8 expresses from the airport to the urban district. Line 5, 1 class every 15 minutes; line 6, 1 class every 20 minutes; line 2, 3, 7, 8, 1 class every 30 minutes; line 4, 1 class every 1 hour. The lines adopts the partition charge, which will be listed in the following:
Line 1: Civil aviation ticket office (train station) to Baiyue Airport, to live area of civil aviation (13 Yuan), central hotel (15 Yuan), civil aviation ticket office (16 Yuan);
 Line 2: Guangyun Building to Baiyun Airport, to garden hotel (17 Yuan), Guangyun Building (22 Yuan);
Line 3: Fragrant village passenger depot to Baiyun Airport, to fragrant village passenger depot (19 Yuan);
Line 4: Pearl Hotel to Baiyun Airport, to Guangyuan new village (15 Yuan), Guangdong Business University (18 Yuan), Dasha Land (23 Yuan), pearl hotel (28 Yuan);
 Line 5: The whole world hotel to Baiyun Airport to the Eastern guesthouse (16 Yuan), the whole world hotel (20 Yuan);
Line 6: Pearl River New Town square to Baiyun Airport, to Pearl River New Town square (20 Yuan);
 Line 7: Panyu Bridge (subsidiary wire of University City) to Baiyun  Airport, to Lijiang Pearl Hotel (28 Yuan), Panyu Bridge (subsidiary wire university city) 32 Yuan;
 Line 8: Zengcheng new pond to  Baiyun Airport, to Guangyuan Passenger Depot (15 Yuan), Phoenix Hotel (27 Yuan), Zengcheng Xintang (31 Yuan);

Railroad: Train station of Guangzhou locate at the Huanshi West Road, No.7, 34, 225 and other buses can get you there so the transportation is very convenient. There are many trains to metropolises and middle-sized cities of the our country.
Direct train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen,taken in Guangzhou East Station and Guangzhou station, average 15-30 minutes, ticket price approximate 70 RMB.
Train of passenger transportation from the Guangzhou east station to  Hong Kong.

Bus: There are so large number of lines that the public transportation develops well. Ordinary public transportation ticket price is 1 Yuan and public transportation with air conditioning ticket price is 2 Yuan.

Subway: The system of local subway in Guangzhou is perfect. At present line 1, line 2, line 3 run. Special lines of the University City spread across, forming a transportation loop line, which cover most city zones of Guangzhou and facilitate journey and the sightseeing for tourists.
Line 1, from Guangzhou East Station to Xilang, span 18. 48 kilometers and the entire line altogether covers 16 stations. The ticket price is ‘the partition cost’ (two neighboring stations is o­ne sector, every three sectors are o­ne section).The starting price is 2 Yuan, 1 Yuan is added when entering the next section.
Subway line 2 is from Jiangxia in Baiyun District to Pazhou in Haizhu District,Pazhou Station to Wan Shengwei Station, the ticket price is also “the partition cost”.
Subway line 3 masterstroke is from Guangzhou East Station to the Panyu Square, the branch form the Tianhe passenger depot to the west of Sports. At present o­nly the first part Ke village to the East Station run, the ticket price adopts the pattern‘partition cost’.
University City special line has five stations at present, namely Wan Shengwei, Guanzhou, Beiting, Nanting and Xinzao. The ticket price continues to use the pattern ‘the partition cost’.
Coin must be used for self-motion stamp vending machine in Guangzhou underground station and in the station there is machine trading the paper money automatically. You may also exchange in the ticket booth or bank.

Taxi: At present Guangzhou approximately has 16000 taxis, which  are of different colors o­n the basis of different automobile body.The  majority are yellow and blue.
Guangzhou taxis implement with honest price and tag displayed, stop as soon as beckon, start price at 7 Yuan, according to table charge.The start course is 2.3 kilometers, 2.2 Yuan or 2.6 Yuan each kilometer.

Guangzhou Passenger Ship Company: 020-84447319
Zhoutouju passenger Terminal: 020-84482418
Dashatou Passenger Terminal: 020-83833691
Subway Lawsuit hot line: 020-83289033
Subway free inquiry telephone: 020-16803006
Automobile Passenger Transportation consultation telephone: 020-82375621
Automobile Passenger Transportation Lawsuit telephone: 020-82375615  Train station Inquiry telephone: 020-61357222 (automatic inquiry), 020-86661789, 020-86682043, 020-61357581
Train Station ticket order hot line: 020-95105688, 020-95105105
East Station inquiry of coach number and ticket price: 020-61346222 Telephone of association order: 020-86671582
Guangzhou New Airport flight inquiry telephone: 020-36066999

Guangzhou Festivals

Guangzhou is a famous southern city, rich in folk national character and style. o­n the base of celebrating joyfully Spring Festival, New Year's Day, Labor Day, National Day and other traditional nationality holiday in recent years in Guangzhou, annual eight celebrated activities with Guangzhou characteristic have been developed: spring-welcome flower market and Lantern Festival in the period of Spring Festival, Polo temple birth meeting, Dragon Boat Festival (at this period there is a royal holiday celebration – Dragon Boat Festival) in lunar february, Panyu Lotus Festival, Litchi Knottiness in Conghua and Zengcheng, Double Ninth Festival, Chinese Traveling Art Festival that is Guangdong happy festival, Guangzhou gourmet festival and so o­n.

Guangzhou Service Telephones

Guangzhou Travel agency lawsuit telephone: 020-81078254
Guangdong Province Travel Office original suit telephone: 020-22386699

Traveling information: The alternation of the winter monsoon and the summer monsoon is prominent characteristic of the Guangzhou monsoon climate. Leaning north wind in winter is dry and cold, which is formed  because the continental polar air mass extend to the south. Leaning south wind in summer is warm and moist, which is formed because the marine tropical air mass expand to the north.
The time for summer monsoon to transform into the winter wind is generally in September, while the time for the winter wind to transform into the summer monsoon is in April.

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