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Tianhou Palace

Introduction: Introduction:The Tianhou Palace, a famous Taoist temple in Tianjin City, was built to fete Go..

Tickets:Tianhou Palace fee and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: RMB 3 yuan / personOpening Hours: a

Travel Tips:Tips:The Tianhou Palace is the oldest extant temple in the city of Tianjin. As the seat of Ti..

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Tianhou Palace Introduction

The Tianhou Palace, a famous Taoist temple in Tianjin City, was built to fete Goddess Tianhou (the queen of heaven). It is situated at the middle section of the Ancient Cultural Street, Nankai District. The original names of the Tianhou Palace include the Tianfei Palace, the Xiaozhigu Tianfei Palace, the Western Temple and the Niangniang Palace.The main function of the Tianhou Palace is to pray for navigation safety. The palace was a center of marine sacrifice in the past dynasties, and also a venue for sailors to have happy get-togethers. Besides ceremonial rituals held to worship the Goddess of the Sea, various performances with Chinese characteristics are often held here to thank the goddess.
Lunar March 23 is the birthday of Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea and Huanghui fair is held here annually to memorize her o­n the day. During the Fair you will see performances of stilt walking, dragon lantern, land boat and lion dances. So the best season to visit here is antumn.

Tianhou Palace Features

The Tianhou Palace in Tianjin was first constructed in 1326 during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Subsequently, it was repaired many times. The Tianhou Palace faces the east with the Haihe River running in front of it. From the east to the west, the main buildings include the Opera Tower, the Flag Pole, the Temple Gate, the Memorial Archway, the Front Hall, the Main Hall, Canon-Storing Pavilion, the Qisheng Temple, the Drum Tower, the Side Hall and the Zhangxian Pavilion, etc. The principal building of the palace is the Main Hall constructed o­n a high and large pedestal, which is of the typical wooden structure style of the mid and late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The architectural complex is o­ne of the three major Tianhou Palaces in China, and also o­ne of the oldest extant Tianhou Palaces.
Mazu, also known as Tianhou (Heavenly Mother), was a real woman who was born in 96O in Fujian's Meizhou Bay. At an early age she began to exhibit a religious disposition, and was thus given secret teachings by a Taoist priest. Using her magical power, she often helped those in distress, in particular sailors and fishermen, and when she died she became known as the Goddess of the Sea.

Tianhou Palace Tickets

Tianhou Palace fee and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: RMB 3 yuan / person
Opening Hours: all day

Tianhou Palace Transporation

Many buses can take you to the Tianhou Palace, such as Nos. 906, 5, 829 and so o­n. You can also reach there by taxi. The starting price for taxi is 8 yuan for the first three kilometers, and it will charge 1.3 yuan per kilometer starting from the fourth kilometer.   

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