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Introduction: IntroductionBaihujian locates in Yangfang Town Changping Area, belongs to go the remaining..

Tickets:Baihujian fee and opening hoursAdmission 10yuanOpening hours 8:00-18:30

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please pay attention to avoid thief. 2.Take care of your child. 3.You had better use s..

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Baihujian Introduction

Baihujian locates in Yangfang Town Changping Area, belongs to go the remaining vein of Taihang Mountain, is famous as Shenlingqianfeng. The elevation is 850 meters, three wreath mountains of the view area, the southeast direction openings, became the with abundant resources stingy to wait.
Beijing belongs to semi humid continental monsoonal climate. Its four seasons are distinct. Winter is dry and cold while summer is hot and rainy. Lasting time of spring and autumn is short. Its annual temperature o­n average is 10-12℃. The best travel months are from April to November.

Baihujian Features

The mountain stone inside the view area is steep and steep, the strange cave of spread densely; The turns and twists of the ditch valley wind around, the strange stone stand up like a forest, among them spring ditch, white dragon pond, black dragon pond, trap the dragon pond and reflect etc. of the pond of the month is exquisite and matchless; Each different resemble the shape stone, day of appearance print, a pillar, hope the day to roar the etc., lifelike.

Baihujian Tickets

Baihujian fee and opening hours
Admission 10yuan
Opening hours 8:00-18:30

Baihujian Transporation

Take 914 roads to Yangfang and get off, then take taxi to go directly to the view area; Or take 330 to Xixiaoying and change 911 to Yangfang and get off. The motoring can follow Yiyang Highway to go to Yangfang, then go toward the direction of Baihujian for 3 kilometers to arrive namely.

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