Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot

Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot

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Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot

Introduction: Introduction:Caishiji also named Niuzhuji, is located at the head of the “Yangtze River sanj..

Tickets:The fee and the opening time:The price of the ticket: 50yuan per person in the busy season, ..

Travel Tips:Tips:1. The main language in An’hui is the standard spoken Chinese.2. Anhui has more precipi..

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Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot Introduction

Caishiji also named Niuzhuji, is located at the head of the “Yangtze River sanji”. It starts from Suoxi river in the east and reach the Da river in the west, with the area of 80 hectare. And it is a wild park unified with the natural landscape and the humanities landscape. And it was named as the first ji in the world.
The best season travel to Caishiji is October. And this period, Mt. ma’an is just in autumn, the weather is cool and comfortable. At the same time it will hold the Chinese poetry festival.
Mt. ma’an belongs to the North subtropics wettability monsoon climate. The four seasons are distinct, and the rain always happened in the summer and the hot days. The yearly average temperature is 15.9℃. The coldest month in Mt. ma’an is January, the average temperature is about 2.9℃, and the hottest season in Mt. Ma’an is July with the temperature of 28.3℃. July also the season which has most rain, you should take umbrella when go out.
September ninth is the Double ninth festival, every year at this time, Mt. ma’an hold  the Chinese international poetry festival to memory the famous poet Libai and Carry forward the national culture.


Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot Features

Li bai travel to several mountain in his whole life. And never forget to left poem in Cai shiji. And there is also some legend about Li bai.. And in Tang and Yuan dynasty, there has been built up Taibai building. Standing o­n the building, you will see the whole Yangtze river.
Cai shiji is located in the important position in Yangtze river and is always the for land which was snatched in the war. The war happened in every period has been about more than twenties times. Cai Shiji is o­ne of the early Buddhism resort in china. The Guangji temple was firstly built in Three kingdom period.
Cai shiji has the largest Libai memory hall in china, and has the famous Sanyuan hole, the magnificent Santai pavilion, and the appealing Wanzhuwu. And there are also many new scenic spots, such as Yanjiang zhandao, Jinniu hole and Yan garden.
Caishiji is the unique cultural tourism resources in China which has the feature of natural landscape. There is a legend said that, at the old years of Li bai, he stand up to the Caishiji and appreciate the moon. o­ne day, he was drunk and saw the shadow in the water as the real moon, so jumped into the water and ride the whale to the sky.

Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot Tickets

The fee and the opening time:
The price of the ticket: 50yuan per person in the busy season, and 40yuan in the off season. The student ticket is 30yuan.
The service of guided tour: 120yuan every time.
The price of the ticket: 20yuan per person.
The price of the cable car ticket: o­ne-way 15yuan per person, two-way 25yuan per person.
The particular opening time need to consult the spot staff.

Caishi Jetty Scenic Spot Transporation

The scenic spot is 5 kilometers away from Ma’an shan city. Take the bus of you 1 from the train station, and take the taxi is about 10yuan.
The service of travel ship: the por is located in the Sanyuan hole, you can take Yangtze rive travel ship to appreciate Caishiji.
The cable car: the cable car is located in Cuiluo mountain, and the cable car start from Cuiluo xuan restaurant to Santaige at the top of the mountain.

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