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Yanmen Pass

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Yanmen Pass

Introduction: Introduction:Yanmen Pass, also called Xilong Pass, is situated in the key way of south Guangw..

Tickets:The Yanmen Pass Fee and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: RMB 35 yuan / personOpening Hours: pleas..

Travel Tips:Tips:1. Shoes are the most important thing for keeping warm. A pair of warm and light shoes ..

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Yanmen Pass Introduction

Yanmen Pass, also called Xilong Pass, is situated in the key way of south Guangwu City in Shanyin County. The peaks o­n both sides of the Yanmen Pass are high cliffs, forming a natural gate. Yanmen Pass was seen as impossible to be attacked, even if there was o­nly o­ne soldier at the pass. Above the pass is a horizontal board with three inscribed Chinese characters: Yan Men Guan. O­n either side is an antithetical couplet inscribed with the characters: "the foremost critical pass o­n the earth; holding a prominent position in the hearts of the people."
Datong locates in the loess plateau, the geography is complicated and diverse, basically belongs to the temperate zone continental monsoon climate, the average air temperature of year has 6.8 degrees, it is very cold in winter, cooler in summer in Datong, so it is a good place for summer resort. The characteristic here is the big difference in temperature. You had better take o­ne more coat for the algidity in day and night. The best traveling time here is from April to October.

Yanmen Pass Features

The basement of Yanmen Pass is made of stones and the body is made by bricks, strong and stately. Yanmen Pass has three gates, namely, east gate, west gate and a north-south little north gate which is outside of west gate. Three big characters “Yan Men Guan” are carved in a horizontal tablet over north gate, and there is a pair of couplets o­n both sides of the Mosaic “Yanmen Pass is matchless among three passes, and it is the first of nine fortresses”. Now the remained o­nes are parts of Pass City and three pass gates.

Yanmen Pass Tickets

The Yanmen Pass Fee and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: RMB 35 yuan / person
Opening Hours: please refer to the staff

Yanmen Pass Transporation

In the streets of Datong City, you can see taxi in different grades. The starting price for all taxi is 6 yuan for the first three kilometers. And then according to different types of taxi, it will charge 1.2 or 1.4 yuan per kilometer starting from the fourth kilometer.

The Best Hotels in Yanmen Pass

  • Great Palace Hotel

    Great Palace Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star DatongUrban Price:-

    The Great Palace Hotel (Wangfu Zhizun Jiudian) is situated in downtown Datong city. The Datong Railway Station and Datong Airport are both 10 kilometers away.On offer are a variety of gue..

  • Zonggonghui Hotel

    Zonggonghui Hotel

    Two-star or Less Datong Price:-

    We will provide your business and tourism to provide all the services guests each needs to be the most convenient.---

  • Golden Tax Hotel

    Golden Tax Hotel

    Three-star Datong Price:-

        The Golden Tax hotel is a comprehensive service-star hotel. In Datong Binxi Road, convenient transportation, favorable geographical position. Hotel business, dining roo..

  • Tiangui International Hotel

    Tiangui International Hotel

    Five-star DatongUrban Price:-

    The Tiangui International Hotel (Tiangui Guoji Jiudian) is opened in 2007. Each of the hotel's 167 guest rooms is spacious and fully-equipped including mini-bar and broadband internet acce..

  • Datong Jiahe International Inn (Zhanqianjie Branch)

    Datong Jiahe International Inn (Zhanqianjie Branch)

    Two-star or Less DatongUrban Price:-

    The Datong Jiahe International Inn (Zhanqianjie Branch) (Datong Jiahe Guoji Kuaijie Jiudian, Zhanqian Jie Dian) is a budget hotel located south of Zhanqian Square, very close to the ra..

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