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Longshan Grottoes

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Longshan Grottoes

Introduction: Introduction:Longshan Grottoes are located at the top of Longshan Mountain twenty kilometers so..

Tickets:Longshan Grottoes Fee and Open time:Ticket: 20 yuanOpen Time:7:30-18:30

Travel Tips:Tips:The wind is very strong here, as it produce large amount of coal, there are black coal ..

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Longshan Grottoes Introduction

Longshan Grottoes are located at the top of Longshan Mountain twenty kilometers southeast of the city of Taiyuan. They were built at the beginning of Yuan dynasty, a Taoist Song Defang directed the build of Longdshan Grottoes and Haotian Temple. These are among the few Taoist grottoes in China. There are eight niches-Xuhuang niche, Sanqing niche and so o­n, also more than forty statues, most of which are well-kept and completely different from the Buddhist Grottoes, carved during the early years of the Yuan Dynasty.

Longshan Grottoes Features

There are 66 statues of Taoist, 8 reliefs sculpture Cloud Dragon, owned crane, etc. they are simple, clear, elegant, with simple and clean clothes and adornments, completely different from the Statues of Buddhist Grottoes. They focused o­n the image of founder of Taoism and fairy of Taoism. These statues consist of the seating, lying, moving and stable. The statues in few grottoes are with implicit expression and have attractive charm of art. Most of statues are destroyed; o­nly o­ne third is in good condition. The whole statues in Longshan are plain, but with honest and sincere images.
Longshan Grottoes lie in 20 km southwest of Taiyuan City; there are many stone sculptures of North Qi in the hill. There was Tongzi Temple of the 7th year of Tianbao, destroyed in Jin dynasty. There are parts of relief’s sculptures of Buddha and o­ne lighting stone tower, 5.3 meters high, whose base is hexagon, above which are round lamp holders and hexagonal house of lambs, outside which are the relief sculpture adornments, is the most ancient stone lighthouse.

Longshan Grottoes Tickets

Longshan Grottoes Fee and Open time:
Ticket: 20 yuan
Open Time:7:30-18:30

Longshan Grottoes Transporation

Buses, trams-based, 24-hour taxi can be seen everywhere in the city. For foreign tourists, it will be very important for foreign tourists to master the special tour line and transfer method. Bus fare in the urban area is 1.00 yuan, and it charges by section in the suburbans. The basic charge of taxi is 6 yuan for the first three kilometers, and 5 yuan/km for the exceeding.

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