Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun

Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun

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Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun

Introduction: IntroductionZhaojun Village lies in Xingshan County, northwest of Hubei Province. Xiangxi River..

Tickets:Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 30RMB, half-price ticket for ..

Travel Tips:Tips1. Don’t talk to the strangers, and do be careful of them when visiting.2. Yo..

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Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun Introduction

Zhaojun Village lies in Xingshan County, northwest of Hubei Province. Xiangxi River runs along it. Shennongjia Natural Reserve is not very far from it.
Zhaojun Village was named after the Chinese national heroine---Wang Zhaojun, o­ne of the four beauties in ancient China. In honor of her great contributions to the country, people built this village in Ming Dynasty and rebuilt it in Qing Dynasty.
At the entrance of the Village, there is a bridge called Pipa Bridge .It is said that if you go across it, you can hear a sound just like someone playing the lute.
Go up along many steps, and you can see the Makeup Stage. Zhaojun o­nce did makeup there. If you continue to go up, you will see the center of Zhaojun Village--Zhaojun House. In front of the door, there are many stone carves with words written by famous people who had visited this village. Go straight ahead, and you can see a big white marble statue right in the middle. It’s Wang Zhaojun Statue. It is said that the statue came from Inner Mongolia and cost a lot. At the back of the statue is Zhaojun Museum.
On the left is Black Bamboo Garden, in which bamboos are black. Nobody knows the reason. Behind the museum is the viewing aisle. When you are going through the aisle, you can get a wonderful view.
Yichang is in a sub-tropical monsoon zone with four distinct seasons. It enjoys abundant sunshine and rainfall, and the average annual temperature is around 15 C. June and July are the hottest months as well as the rainy season. Winter here is a bit cold - the best seasons for visiting are spring, late summer, and early autumn.

Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun Features

Wang Zhaojun, whose given name was Qiang, was renamed Mingjun or Mingfei to avoid the word “zhao” because of the governor at that time—Sima Zhao, whose name consisted of the word “zhao” in Jin Dynasty. In Han Dynasty she was selected to the palace. In 33 AD, Chanyu--- another emperor in Xionglu wanted to build better relationship with Han by means of marriage. So Zhaojun volunteered to marry Chanyu, and made great contributions to the good friendship between Han and Xionglu.
In the village there are some beautiful sights, such as Nanmu Well,Niangniang Spring,Make-up Plate,Wangyuelou and some other relics. Zhaojun House has been rebuilt since 1979. People have built Zhaojun Memorial Museum, Long Gallery and Zhaojun Statue. It is really a beautiful place.
If you are thirsty, you can get clean and fresh water for free from Niangniang Spring or from Nanmu Well. People say that the piece of Nanmu in the well has been there for thousands of years without going bad, which made the water clean all through the year. It is also said that water from Niangniang Spring and Nanmu Well
tastes sweet and can make you more beautiful. I think it is true because the native girls there are very charming and attractively beautiful and most of them have drunk the water from these two wells.

Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun Tickets

Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 30RMB, half-price ticket for the students, and free for the soldiers
Opening Hours: Not in Detail

Former Residence of Wang Zhaojun Transporation

Take coach from Yichang to Xing Shan, It will take you 4 hours; and then transfer to the destination.

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