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Introduction: IntroductionGulongzhong City is located 13km west of Xingyang City. The whole Gulongzhong City ..

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Gulongzhong Introduction

Gulongzhong City is located 13km west of Xingyang City. The whole Gulongzhong City area, which covers over 5sqkm, contains the Longzhong Hill, the Daqi Hill, the Xiaoqi Hill and the Dule Hill. Among these hills, the Longzhong Hill is the place where the famous politician and militarist Zhu Geliang of the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280AD) lived in seclusion when he was young. Zhu Geliang, born in Shandong Province, reached his highest official rank as the prime minister of the Shu Han regime and was conferred the honor of Marquis of Loyalty and Strategy after his death.
In 207(Jian’an 25th year) when Zhuge Liang was 27 years old,Liu Bei visited him in person three times at Longzhong Commandery Xiangyang ,called “ make three calls at the thatched cottage ” in history to make inquires about the strategies of unifying China. Zhuge Liang soon presented his famous Longzhong Plan before Liu. The plan envisaged that Liu Bei would take over Jing and Yi provinces as a base and form an alliance with Sun Quan in order to deter and resist the more powerful and intimidating Cao Cao. The plan also stressed o­n the institution of economic, legal and administrative reforms.
After listening to Zhuge Liang’s penetrating thorough analysis, Liu Bei accepted his strategies, thinking Zhuge Liang was talented, thereupon he requested him to assist him to revive Han Dynasty. Since Zhuge Liang helped with Liu Bei, China formed a three kingdoms three-way confrontation.
Since Tang Dynasty Jingxiang area had formed a custom of “March 3 in Spring (according to Lunar Calendar), appreciate peonies in Longzhong Mountain”.Compared to Luoyang and Heze, the peonies of Longzhong blooms o­ne month ahead of time. Longzhong becomes our country’s wild peony protection base. To appreciate peonies in April is a good choice.
Xiangfan enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with annual average temperature of about 15—16℃. It’s suitable for you to travel yearly.

Gulongzhong Features

There are two main architectural complexes. o­ne is the former residence of Zhu Geliang, including two sites named Sangu Hall and Cao Hall. The other architectural complex is the site used for sacrificing. This site includes many ancient relics such as the Ancestral Temple of Zhuge Liang (Wuhou Ci), the Gulongzhong City Memorial Archway, Liujiao Well, Gonggeng Farmland, and Laolong Carve. Among these relics, the Ancestral Temple of Zhuge Liang (Wuhouci) is located to the east of the Sangu Hall. Wuhou refers to Zhuge Liang, and the Ancestral Temple of Zhuge Liang (Wuhou Ci) was built in order to memorialize this prominent man. There is a portrait of Zhuge Liang in the main palace, which displays drums and many other cultural relics. Of the two side halls, the western o­ne called Sanyi Palace contains standing portraits of Liubei, Guanyu, and Zhangfei.
In the woods of Longzhong Mountain there are massive relics left behind by Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and many memorial architectures of all previous dynasties. All remains reflecting Zhuge Liang’s important deeds or important events in history are of great culture meaning. It was national AAAA Grade tourism Area in 1994. And in 1996, It was the cultural relic protection emphasis of China.

Gulongzhong Tickets

Gulongzhong Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 60RMB
Opening Hours: Not in detail

Gulongzhong Transporation

It will cost 1RMB to take a bus 512 from the Xiangfan train station to the Ancient Longzhong. Then you can take a motor, which brings you to the Ancient Longzhong directly. You also can reach the Ancient Longzhong o­n foot.

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