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The Lion Rock

Introduction: Introduction:Located in southwest of Qujiang county, the Lion Rock is 18 kilometers from Shaogu..

Tickets:The Lion Rock Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: 5 yuan per person Opening Hours: 07:30

Travel Tips:Tips:The public security here is not very good, take care of your money and stay away from su..

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The Lion Rock Introduction

Located in southwest of Qujiang county, the Lion Rock is 18 kilometers from Shaoguan downtown. It is well-known far and near as a site of Maba ancients and Shixia culture ruins. The rock consists of two oppositition limy peaks. O­ne is taller and both of them are exquisite and petty. Looking from north in the distance, it likes a sleeping lion and from south, however, likes a dancing o­ne. So it is called the lion rock. There are many cavern inside, and all manner of stalactite, stalagmite and stone pillar are everywhere. There are many caverns inside, and all manners of stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars are everywhere.

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There is a romantic legend about the lion rock. According to the legend, long long ago, there were two bad gods in the heavenly palace, the lion and the tiger. They were droved out the abode of deities by the Jade Emperor for violating the rules. When they descend to the world, the tiger  god became a mountain, just is the tiger-shape mountain, and the lion god turned into a pile of rock, so is the lion rock.
The lion rock is high and steep,o­ne can get a bird’s view of Changde city. At night, the lights sparkle in the downtown just like stars twinkling in the sky. The clouds rise from the foot of hill after a rain, the hilltop seems to float in the sea. You may have a feeling of being in the fairly .

The Lion Rock Tickets

The Lion Rock Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: 5 yuan per person
Opening Hours: 07:30 to 16:30

The Lion Rock Transporation

Take a bus to the spot directly from Shaoguan, and visit the Nanhua Temple nearby at the same time.

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