Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple)

Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple)

Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple) Pictures Gallery

Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple)

Introduction: IntroductionThe Yinna Mountain, which enjoys the reputation of “the ancestor of the Mountains ..

Tickets:Yinna Mountain Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: CNY40Opening hours: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips1.You can not take photos in some places please contact staff for asking permission. 2.Ple..

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Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple) Introduction

The Yinna Mountain, which enjoys the reputation of “the ancestor of the Mountains in east Guangdong”, is located in the Mei Town. The mountain got the name of the Wuzhi Mountain (the Five-finger Mountain) because o­n the top of the mountain there are 5 peaks which look like 5 fingers gathering together.
It's long in summer and warm in winter in Guangdong province. Because Guangdong lies in the low latitude area and faces the South China Sea, it's tropical and subtropical climates. The average temperature of spring is about 20°C; summer is 28°C; autumn is 25°C; winter is 12°C. There are many typhoons in summer and autumn. Every April and September is the rainy seasons, with an annual average rainfall of 1500-2000mm. Specially, spring and autumn are the best seasons for traveling.

Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple) Features

The highest peak is about 1297 meters high. If you want to climb o­nto the top, you will have to climb 3824 steps. o­n the top of the mountain you may enjoy a radiant sunrise. The rising sun is just like a bright phearl disgorged by a cloud dragon. The sunrises, burns off the fog and bathes the earth in its glow. You will be able to enjoy a view of the Meizhou, Chaozhou and Tingzhou from the mountain and take pleasure in the Hakka style houses shining in the bright sunlight. No wonder there was some poet wrote a poem which said “you may appreciate the panorama of the Meizhou, Chaozhou, and Tingzhou o­n top of the Wuzhi Mountain which is the clouds.” There are mountains o­n all sides in the city of Guiyang. In the mountain there is thick forest and grotesque rocks. The silent peaks, the silent rocks, the silent trees, they are all silent and all majestic. The mountain changes its aspect at every turn.
There are a great number of temples o­n the mountain and the main tourist spots are the Lingguang Temple Tourist Spot and the Wuzhi Mountain Tourist Spot. The temples here are well known, especially the Lingguang Temple which was set up in Tang Dynasty. The Chinese Jade Emperor Palace, which is o­n the top of the mountain, is a place for visitors to watch the sunrise and the seas of clouds.

Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple) Tickets

Yinna Mountain Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: CNY40
Opening hours: unknown

Yinna Mountain (Lingguang Temple) Transporation

Yinna Mountain located in the junction of Meixian and Dapu. You could take the nonstop bus from Yuemei Station to Yinna Mountain. The charge is about 7 yuan.

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