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Bright Moon Garden

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Bright Moon Garden

Introduction: Introduction Bright Moon Garden is located o­n the shore of Dingfu Rock in the east of Gu..

Tickets:Bright Moon Garden Fee and Opening HourTicket :15 yuan per personOpening Hour: 8:00---

Travel Tips:Tips 1.the coldest month is January, the hottest month is seven. The rain season is May to J..

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Bright Moon Garden Introduction

Bright Moon Garden is located o­n the shore of Dingfu Rock in the east of Gulangyu Island, covering 30,000 square meters; it spreads out o­n the beach of Lujiang and is decorated with rocks, green trees and is the Memorial Hall of Zheng Chenggong, built in honor of the hero's feats which include expelling the Dutch colonists and re-occupying Taiwan.
Being of a subtropical monsoon climate with mild weather all year round .It is hot in summer, as the temperature at July and Auguest is over 30℃, but it is lower 10℃ in winter. The average temperature is 21℃. Spring and autumn is the best travel season.

Bright Moon Garden Features

Built in 1985, the garden is named "Bright Moon Garden" after a famous poem. The garden contains a giant bronze statue of Zheng Chenggong (a hero of the Ming & Qing Dynasty) and his subordinates. It is 13.7 meters long, 4.7 meters high and contains 18 tons of bronze. The most outstanding statue in the garden is the giant granite statue of Zheng Chenggong. Completed in August 27th, 1985, it is 15.7 meters in height and is 1617 tons in weight. Full of power, it is exquisitely sculpted from 23 layers and 625 pieces of Quanzhou white granites.
A set of large bronze reliefs in the garden vividly reproducing the historic scene of Zheng Chenggong commanding an army to sail east in order to drive the Dutch from Taiwan and resume Chinese rule of Taiwan. Bright Moon Garden centers o­n sculptures and buildings unique to the Ming Dynasty. Blue glazed roof tiles combined with stone gates, stele, stone steps, stone railings and stone paths, form a beautiful picture with blue sky, beach, waves, trees and giant rocks, accentuating an elegant and splendid environment.

Bright Moon Garden Tickets

Bright Moon Garden Fee and Opening Hour
Ticket :15 yuan per person
Opening Hour: 8:00---17:30

Bright Moon Garden Transporation

From the ferry quay at the island, turn left and walk for merely 5 minutes to the garden.

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