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Introduction: IntroductionThe White Garden is situated o­n the Pipa Peak of Dong Moutain , 12 kilometer..

Tickets:White garden fee and opening hourTicket : 3 yuan per personOpening hour : 7:30 –18:

Travel Tips:Tips Items you should pay attention to when travelling in summer.Put o­n the light-colored..

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White Garden Introduction

The White Garden is situated o­n the Pipa Peak of Dong Moutain , 12 kilometers (about 7 miles) away to the south of Luoyang City. This garden was constructed based o­n the tomb of the well-known poet Bai Juyi. Bai Juyi (772-846), born in Henan province, was a famous Chinese poet in the Tang dynasty (618-907), who shouldered important official positions during his life.
This garden was built in 1985 to commemorate this great poet in Chinese history. With an area of 44 mu (about 7 acres), it almost takes up the entire Pipa Peak. Taking the tomb as center reference, the Pipa Peak comprises of three scenic areas: the Green Valley Area, the Tomb Area and the Poem Corridor Area.
Upon entering the garden, o­ne steps into the Green Valley Area. Along both sides of the path, groups of green bamboos display tranquility but also demonstrate vigor. Pavilions in the architecture style of the Tang Dynasty dot the garden, while the pool with its blooming lotuses betrays a charming picture. In the simple but elegant Letian Hall ('Letian' being the nickname of Bai Juyi), stands the white marble statues of Bai Juyi revealing a sense of pizzazz.
Bai Garden, with the charming and poetic sceneries, not o­nly offers a beautiful landscape garden for people, but also serenades the unusual lifetime of Bai Juyi.
Luoyang belongs to the north temperate continental climate zone. It has four distinct seasons. Spring is dry and windy. Summer is hot and rainy. Winter is cold and dry. Autumn is the best season to visit the city because of the humid and pleasant climate. The average temperature is 14.86℃.It is also good to visit Luoyang in April for the blooms of peonies here.

White Garden Features

Bai Juyi (772-846), born in Henan province, was a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), who shouldered important official positions during his life. As a poet, he left behind a vast collection of poems, most of them highly regarded for their quality both in content and choice of words.
On the top of the Pipa Peak, it is the Tomb Area which forms the center part of this garden. Surrounded by the deep green pines and cypresses, the vaulted tomb seems solemn. Overlooked in a higher place, the Tomb Area appears like a lute. Around the tomb, various flowers and trees are planted in a splendid design. Baijuyi lived in Xiang mountain in his old age, his nickname is Xiangshanjushi. People buried him here, it is not o­nly in keeping with the aspiration of the poet, but also according with the implication of “pipaxing”. It may be said it is a special inventive mind. It was said that the poet liked the scene of Yique, he told his offsprings to bury him here. Therefore, he can enjoy the wonderful scene here.
Down to the north side from the top, o­ne will come to the Poem Corridor Area. Here, nearly o­ne hundred pieces of steles carving with the masterpieces of Bai Juyi are inlayed in the corridor. Those works are in various styles of Chinese calligraphy and most of them are the works of those famous calligraphers and painters in modern times. The story of his life could also be seen here.

White Garden Tickets

White garden fee and opening hour
Ticket : 3 yuan per person
Opening hour : 7:30 –18:00

White Garden Transporation

You can go there by bus 53, 60, 81, and get off at the terminal station.

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