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Yandi Mausoleum

Introduction: Introduction The mausoleum of Emperor Yandi is in Luyuan Slope, 19 kilometers west of Yanling ..

Tickets:Yandi Mausoleum fee and opening hourTicket : 15 yuanOpening Hour: 8:00—19:00

Travel Tips:Tips 1.If you go to Emperor Yan’s Mound Tourist Zone to sacrifice Chinese people’s ancestor,..

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Yandi Mausoleum Introduction

The mausoleum of Emperor Yandi is in Luyuan Slope, 19 kilometers west of Yanling County, Hunan Province, the tomb area is 5 square kilometers. It is the State Preservation Unit of Key Historical Relics and national patriotic education demonstration base.  The halls of Mausoleum of Yandi Emperor are divided into five halls: the first o­ne is the Meridian Gate; the second o­ne is Salute Pavilion; the third o­ne is the main hall with a double-eaved gable and hip roof; the fourth o­ne is Monument Pavilion; the fifth o­ne is the bedroom of Mausoleum of Emperor Yandi. It is surrounded by Shennong Palace, Yongfeng Terrace, the Holy Fire Alter, the Angel House and the Royal Tablet Garden. The mausoleum looks significant and solemn by the foil of forest and mountains. With other spots around, the Yan Emperor Mausoleum is undoubtedly the top attraction of Zhuzhou.
Zhuzhou enjoys humid monsoon climate in subtropical zone. The four seasons are distinct; the rain and heat is abundant with 286 days of frost-free period. The annual average temperature falls between 16℃ and 18℃. The four seasons are suitable for traveling, especially spring and autumn.
 If you go to Emperor Yan’s Mound Tourist Zone to sacrifice Chinese people’s ancestor, Shenlongshi, think of his great deed in tasting various herbs and recall his benefaction, you will have a feeling of thankfulness and bring a pure deep love to our people and nation.

Yandi Mausoleum Features

Although we can’t work out when Emperor Yan Mound was first built, according the records of history books, it must have been built before the Five Dynasty. In 967 A.D., Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty assigned people to build a temple in front of Emperor Yan’s Mound and Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Daoguang of Qing Dynasty also assigned officials to stand gravestones here. Emperor Yan is o­ne of the ancestors of Chinese people, he and Emperor Huang are called Yanhuang.
According the historical tale, Emperor Yan was a great man, he exploited the original agriculture of Chinese people, and he was the initiator of the culture of farming and plantation. In the historical tale, he was a spirit relative to the inventions of agriculture, industry, commerce, medicine and civilization, so he has been revered and given sacrifice by later generations of Chinese people in different times.   Emperor Yan’s Mound is 6 m high and the diameter of its bottom is 27 m long. In front of the mound stands a gravestone set up by Emperor Daoguang in Qing Dynasty, writing the epigraph “Emperor Yan Shennongshi’s Mound”. In 1986, when the repair construction was finished, president Hu Yaobang also wrote a epigraph “Emperor Yan Shennongshi’s Mound”, which was carved into the white marble gravestone standing in the center of gravestone kiosk in front of the mound. All the Mound zone is surrounded by high mountains and Mishui River flows under the mountains, so the environment here is very quiet and peaceful. The leaders of CCP such as Jiang Zeming, Chen Yun, Hu Yaobang, Zhou Gucheng, Zhao Puchu came here and wrote epigraph. And Song Renqiong, Yang Ludai, Song Jian, Wang Enmao, Mao Zhiyong, Peng Peiyun successively came here to pay the respect to Emperor Yan and supervise the repair construction. Emperor Yan’s Mound tourist zone includes human sight as Emperor Yan’s Mound, Emperor Yan Temple, Fengshen Temple, Congde Lane, Huzhenguan Temple, Luyuan Kiosk and Holy Fire Dais, and natural sight such as Luyuan Cave, Dragon Head Stone, Dragon Claw Stone and Flower Washing Pool, all of them are very attractive.

Yandi Mausoleum Tickets

Yandi Mausoleum fee and opening hour
Ticket : 15 yuan
Opening Hour: 8:00—19:00

Yandi Mausoleum Transporation

take scheduled bus in Zhuzhou City, get off at Yandi Emperor Mausoleum arch, take the local bus, the fare is ¥3 or 4, the fare of taxi is ¥20-30.

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