Gongcheng Confucius Temple

Gongcheng Confucius Temple

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Gongcheng Confucius Temple

Introduction: Introduction Wen Temple is also named Confucius Temple. Studying Palace, for commemorating Conf..

Tickets:Gongcheng Confucius Temple Fee and Opening HourTicket : 15 yuan per personOpenign Hour: 8:3

Travel Tips:Tips The temple is in the Gongcheng county, do not miss to eat the oiltea camellia and other ..

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Gongcheng Confucius Temple Introduction

Wen Temple is also named Confucius Temple. Studying Palace, for commemorating Confucius, located in the west of Gongcheng County, o­ne of charming Guilin Attractions. Gongcheng Autonomous County of Yao Minority is 108 km to the south of Guilin. The county's Confucian Temple is o­ne of the four biggest temples in China commemorating the life of Confucius. It is the largest and best preserved Ming Dynasty (date) architecture in Guangxi Province. About 10m far from Wen Temple is a temple where the Guan Yu statue, a famous marshal in Three Kingdoms Dynasty, was sacrificed. So it is also named Guan Emperor Temple.
Guilin is located in low latitude,having the subtropical monsoon climate-- moderate climate, abundant rain and light supply—its average temperature is 19.3 degree. Guilin has warm winters and cool summers, the autumn is considered as the optimum time to travel.

Gongcheng Confucius Temple Features

Confucian Temple in Gongcheng was built in AD 1410 in imitation of the Qufu Confucian Temple. The area inside the Gongcheng Temple is measured at 1,300 square meters, occupying some 3,600 square meters of land. Using the geomantic principles, the location and construction of the Temple have special meaning. A special location facing the river, located near the mountain of Gongcheng Town was chosen for the Temple. Important features where also built in a middle axis pattern. These famous spots include the Zhuangyuan Gate, Lingxing Gate, Zhuangyuan Bridge, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, and the Chongsheng Ancestral Temple area.Confucian temple, o­ne of four national Confucian temple and temple to the God of war neighbor, mingle and add radiance and beauty to each other.
It not o­nly has the pattern of Shandong's Confucian Temple, but also the style of ancient building of Maonan nationality in South Moun.  which is grand, magnificent and majestic with piled steps and high palaces. Wen Temple is an ancient architecture integrating history, art and science and research.
It is said that the Lingxing gate is moved to the Confucian temple for sacrificing the lattice star by Hangaozu. It has the meaning that o­ne who respect the god reverses confucius. The gate was built with blue stone slab, and there are three characters “Lingxingmen” carved o­n the gate.
Step o­nto two platforms from the Lingxing Gate, you will go to the Dachengmeng which is built with wood. o­n the gate , there are vivid carved picture of birds, flowers, insects and so o­n.. Behind the Dacheng gate is a courtyard in front of which there is a spacious platform known as Xingtan. It was said that the platform is the place where confucius gave lectures.

Gongcheng Confucius Temple Tickets

Gongcheng Confucius Temple Fee and Opening Hour
Ticket : 15 yuan per person
Openign Hour: 8:30 to 17:30

Gongcheng Confucius Temple Transporation

1.After visiting the Yangsuo lake, you can take the bus from Guiling to Gongchen at Yangsuo station, the fare is 5 yuan per person.
2.Or you can take the bus from Guiling to Gongchen at Guiling station, the fare is 13 to 15 yuan per person.

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