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Shitu Bridge

Introduction: IntroductionThe Shitu Bridge at the lower reaches of Hejiangting is called Jiemei Bridge former..

Tickets:Shitu Bridge fee and opening hoursAdmission freeOpening hours 8:30-17:00

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please keep the environment and do not leave rubbish. 2.No fire no smoking in the reso..

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Shitu Bridge Introduction

The Shitu Bridge at the lower reaches of Hejiangting is called Jiemei Bridge formerly. It consists of two bridges, o­ne is called Eastern bridge. It was said that it was built in 1570, rebuilt in 1745, 40m long, 6m weight. The other called North Jian bridge, it was built in 1647, rebuilt in 1803. Somebody also said that the history of Anshun Bridge could trace back to Yuan Dynasty. Marco Polo o­nce visited this bridge.

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This bridges were o­ne of four most impressive bridges o­n Marco Polo’s mind. Since it was rebuilt in 1746, the bridge name has had a history of more than 250 years. In 1947, the ancient Anshun Bridge was destroyed by flood. Since then it disappeared. Sprawling along the coast in southeastern Zhejiang Province, the city of Wenzhou is the economic, cultural, and communications center in southern Zhejiang. It has been a principal trading port in China since the Tang Dynasty and is a renowned hometown of many outstanding overseas Chinese.

Shitu Bridge Tickets

Shitu Bridge fee and opening hours
Admission free
Opening hours 8:30-17:00

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Take the evening train N533 from Shanghai to Wenzhou  (Departure: 20:58, Arrival: 7:00, next day, Y167).
The return train from Wenzhou to Shangahi is scheduled at 19:10, and will arrive in Shanghai 6:00 next morning.

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