Yinshan Mausoleum

Yinshan Mausoleum

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Yinshan Mausoleum

Introduction: IntroductionThis royal tomb or mausoleum was excavated by archaeologists from September 1996 to..

Tickets:Yinshan Mausoleum Fee and opening hours Admission 18yuanOpening hours 8:30-17:30

Travel Tips:Tips1.No fire no smoking in the resort.2.You had better ware sports shoes, it is more comfor..

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Yinshan Mausoleum Introduction

This royal tomb or mausoleum was excavated by archaeologists from September 1996 to April 1998. The Yinshan mausoleum is covered by a huge tumulus covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters, beneath which are timber structures, consisting of a front chamber, main chamber and rear chamber in addition to a long, broad sloping passageway leading to the outside. Forty-six meters in length, the passageway ends at the bottom of a 14-meter-long rectangular shaft pit which was excavated from the rock.

Yinshan Mausoleum Features

The outer coffin was found in the main central chamber. All three chambers have pitched roofs propped up by extremely large wooden beams and cross sections. The 6.04-meter-long coffin, which was fashioned like a dugout canoe from a single tree trunk, was suspended in mid-air. Such a form of burial had never previously been discovered in China. As further evidence for the difference between Yue culture and what would be considered 'Zhou' is the finding of a Yue Kings tomb from this same period. It seems by implication to be Goujians father since a comment "A few years ago, archaeologists found the tomb of Goujian's father in Yinshan, Zhejiang Province"

Yinshan Mausoleum Tickets

Yinshan Mausoleum Fee and opening hours
Admission 18yuan
Opening hours 8:30-17:30

Yinshan Mausoleum Transporation

Bus 3,303

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