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Nanniwan Introduction

Nanniwan in Xi'an - s tomb - Yan'an - Nanniwan - the Hukou waterfall - the Xi'an tourism NOL. Yan'an is o­ne of the tourist attractions, but also modern urban getaway, Tao Zhi sentiment excellent place. Nanniwan the main attractions are: Mao Zedong inspected Nanniwan former places of residence, the former site of the 359th Brigade of the brigade, July 18 martyrs monument Mission, Mission Martyrs Monument o­n July 19, the Central Authority by the cadres resort site, the Government Nanniwan Reclamation site, the former site of the Eighth Route Army artillery school, nine Longquan Nanniwan large-scale production and exhibition rooms. April 1992 was the Shaanxi Provincial Government announced the third key units to be protected.
As an inland city located in the North Warm-Temperate Zone, Yan'an has a continental monsoon climate. Generally speaking, it is warm there with an average annual temperature of 9.3 C. And Summer in Yan'an is free from extreme heat, so the months of July, August and September are pleasant and comfortable for a leisurely holiday there. While the Yan'an caves are warm in winter but cool in summer and make excellent dwellings.

Nanniwan Features

Located 45 kilometers southeast of Yan'an City Department. Nanniwan Junken cause of the Communist Party of China is the birthplace of the spirit is the birthplace of Nanniwan. 100 years ago, this densely populated, adequate water, fertile land, production and the economy is prosperous. By mid-Ching Ming and Qing ruler of the Han people to provoke disputes o­n each other, making it a proliferation of weeds and thorns streams, deserted scarce, animals are attracted to desolate place.
War of Resistance Against Japan entered the stalemate stage, Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang troops to the Communist Party and the Eighth Route Army launched a large-scale anti-Japanese base raids, and to mobilize tens of thousands of troops surrounded Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border region, a tight military siege and economic blockade against the clamor to "starve the Eighth Route Army, Kunsi the Eighth Route Army. " At that time, the border area sparsely populated, barren land, o­nly 1.4 million people must shoulder tens of thousands of cadres, soldiers and students in food, it is a difficult task. As Mao Zedong said that "we have caused almost no clothes to wear, eat no oil, no paper, no food, no soldiers shoes and socks, and the staff have not been covered in the winter…… our difficulties is the very large."
 In this critical historical juncture, the party Central Committee in February 1939, Mao Zedong and timely put forward the "economic development, security of supply," the general guidelines and "its own hands", "clothing" to the call, and mobilize the broad masses of soldiers and civilians carried out large-scale production campaign. 1940, the Commander-in-Chief Zhu De in accordance with the CPC Central Committee o­n carrying out large-scale production campaign went to the spirit of the instructions also visited Nanniwan investigation, decided to self-sufficiency in this settlement. Spring 1941, the 120th Division of the Eighth Route Army commander and political commissar of the 359th, led by Wang Zhen, was ordered into the Nanniwan, blazing new, open up wasteland and cultivate land, Fengcanlouqi to overcome difficulties, create material wealth. 1942, the production rate of 61.55 percent self-sufficiency; 1943, production reached 100 percent self-sufficiency rate, in 1944, the 359th Brigade were pioneers 26.1 million mu plowing, harvesting grain 37,000 stone pig 5624 and turned over to a Gongliang Stone million to the "cultivation of a more than o­ne." Majority of officers and soldiers simply and with their own hands, sweat, and will be desolate and uninhabited Nanniwan Wancheng "Pingchuan rice-fat duck pond times. Everywhere crops, cattle and sheep everywhere is" good Jiangnan northern Shaanxi. February 1943, the senior cadres in the northwest, Mao Zedong personally for the trip four leading cadres inscription to Wang Zhen inscription "creative spirit" and awards all the officers and men of the 359th Brigade, named as the "vanguard of economic development" . In March, the Corps and the arts Yan'an Lu Yi Yangko Team Nanniwan more than 80 people to the troops, Xiao 3, Ai Qing, Fang Tian, and other words of sympathy.
He Jingzhi wrote, and Markcomposed "Taohua Blue," singing: "the good of Northern Shaanxi Nan, Manshan flowers open, full of (ah) Mountain; Nanniwan learning that everything is south of the Yangtze, is also fighting to production, the 359th Brigade is exemplary, "from the names of well-known songs Nanniwan birth, after a well-known singer Guo Lanying sing, sing to the river north and the south sung known all know that there are a good Jiangnan northern Shaanxi -- Nanniwan. Nanniwan spirit is the spirit of Yan'an an important part of their self-reliance and hard work of the spirit of the kernel, inspired generation after generation of Chinese people to overcome difficulties and win victories. Since reform and opening up, Nanniwan better development, construction, and especially to strengthen the natural ecological protection and construction.

Nanniwan Tickets

Nanniwan Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 10 RMB. Soldiers, students, retirees concessions
Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30, Every Monday, It will be closed, except national legal day.

Nanniwan Transporation

Take Nanniwan Bus from the bridge under Pagoda Hill, which will cost you about 7 RMB.

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