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Introduction: IntroductionThe early Muslims in China came from what was known at Xiyu, or 'the west..

Tickets:Muslim Steet Xian Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 10rmbOpening Time: 08:00-18:00

Travel Tips:Tips:Muslim Street while touristy, is also local. A great place to stroll without traffic and ..

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Muslim Steet Xian Introduction

The early Muslims in China came from what was known at Xiyu, or 'the west', areas usually identified as Arabia or Persia. These people were much different from the Chinese in terms of their language, culture and physical appearance. Like other foreigners in China, they were labeled 'foreign sojourners'. Islam was first introduced by Arab merchants during the Tang dynasty, and flourished during the Yuan (1279-1368). The Muslims gradually became concentrated in the northwestern part of the walled city, where they remain to this day. The community now numbers more than 60,000, or about o­ne percent of the city's population. The residents, whose families have lived here for hundreds of years, are proud of their religion. They strongly identify with their mosque, frequently introducing themselves as 'belonging' to this or that mosque. This is because the mosques play a key role in the daily lives of the Hui, or Muslims, filling a variety of spiritual and secular needs.
There were said to be 14 mosques open before the Cultural Revolution put a stop to Muslim privileges. But today, the community is regaining lost ground, and there are ten active mosques in the quarter, and chantlike Arabic calls can be heard throughout the area. All of the mosques have loudspeakers used to call people to prayer five times a day, a reminder that the residents' lives are also guided by Islamic time. Islam demands that each of the five daily prayer worships be preceded by a ritual washing of the hands, feet, face, nose, mouth, eyes and ears, and the mosques all provide ablution rooms with running water for washing. Although the Muslims generally work o­n Fridays, they do observe Ramadan, the month of fasting from sunrise to sunset. The men can often be distinguished from the Han Chinese by their white caps and long beards.
Moslem Street has a long history. It is said that in olden days, foreign diplomatic envoys and merchants lived here then they married and had children, so gradually the population increased. Today, most of the inhabitants of Moslem Street are the descendants of those immigrants. All the Moslems here are the pious and devout followers of Islam so they form a tight nit community, which maintains its own culture and traditions to this day even in such a modern society dominated by the Han people. People here are very familiar with each other because they were companions when they were children and then they grew to adults together and still then o­ne after another they got married and had their own children. As time goes o­n, definitely they will become older and older or even pass by together.
Walking along this twisted, narrow street which is aligned with stores o­n both sides, you can see that Moslem men with white hats sit inside the stores and talk leisurely with each other. In front of the doors of some stores, old men with white beards sit o­n the cane chairs enjoying the tender touch of the sun and having fun with the little children running along the street. The main goods of these stores are authentic hand-making Moslem food which tastes very good. While still there are small stores selling the special local products of Shaanxi Province and yet others provide you with exquisite souvenirs.
The best time to be here is from April to November.

Muslim Steet Xian Features

The Muslim Street is called“Huimin Jie”in Chinese, is a fantastic place to wonder. All shops and restaurants in the street are operated by Muslims. The stalls lines the narrow alleys sell almost everything you can expect. There are a number of stalls selling small items of aircrafts. If you are good at bargaining, you can get some things at a really cheap price
The restaurants in the streets are all Muslim o­nes, and variety of Muslim food and snacks can be tried here, including the locals favorite o­nes, roasted beef, roasted fish, and pancakes. Food served is diverse, complex but are very cheap.
The Muslim street at night is best. If facing North and looking at the Bell Tower (center of the street) the street to take to the Muslim Street is at 9 O’clock positiondue west, then taking a quick right and under a small bridge, (which is actually a drum tower, though not nearly as noticeable as the bell tower). You will know you are there with the smell of roasting lamb, and signs written in green arabic writing

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Muslim Steet Xian Fee and Opening Hours

Admission: 10rmb
Opening Time: 08:00-18:00

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Bus 4、7、15、32、43、45、201、205、206、215、218、221、222、251、300、604、611、612、612、K630、Travel bus 8(610),get off at Drum Tower.

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