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    Located in the eastern part of China and crosses over the basins of Yangtze and Huai River. It is the geographical transitional area of the intersection between north and south China. It is about 300 kms from East China Sea and subjects to the inner-land coastal area. It neighbors with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei and Shandong, etc.    As early as Xia Dynasty, Dayu allied in present Tu Mountain, Huaiyuan, and Anhui was regulated to divisionally belong to Yangzhou, Xuzhou and Yuzhou in nine states. During the spring and autumn period, most of kingdoms in Anhui were amalgamated by Wu and Chu sooner or later. Thus, Anhui was historically called "Wu's head and Chu's feet". In B.C.333, Chu destroyed Wu and the whole Anhui territory fell into the hands of Chu.    In the Tang Dynasty, China was divided into ten avenues in which Anhui individually belonged to ..

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Anhui Tourist Attractions

  • Lianli Pine (Couple Pine)

    Lianli Pine (Couple Pine)

    IntroductionThe pine is divided into two branches. The two branches almost have the same thickness and height. So far, they are full of vigor. It’s said that o­ne branch stands for E..

  • Leading Pine

    Leading Pine

    IntroductionIt lies in Beginning-to-Believe Peak, three sides of which are full of ravines and o­nly o­ne side of which can be climbed up by using some tools. This pine stretche..

  • Beauty of Baohe

    Beauty of Baohe

    Introduction:Baohe is famous as a place where Bao Zheng, the rhadamanthine official in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), and his offspring lived. There are the Baogong’s Ancestral S..

  • Mingjiao Yard

    Mingjiao Yard

    Introduction:The Emperor Wu in the Liang Dynasty built an Iron Buddha Temple o­n the site of the religious platform for crossbows. It was rebuilt and enlarged during the years of ..

  • Xiaoyaojin Park

    Xiaoyaojin Park

    Introduction:Located at the northeastern corner of Hefei old urban area, Xiaoyaojin Park is a multi-function park with various service facilities, pleasant environment and beautiful scenery..

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